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Ok, so i have a new journal. I made it a couple weeks ago but never got around to fixing it up. It is now finished so add me-


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Back from a trivia night, which so so much fun despite the fact we only managed an equal third. Beaten by jack webber and jackie dixon tsk tsk tsk.

I just found out that Audrey tautou is playing Sophie in the davinci code film, while i like Audrey Tautou i never pictured sophie anything like her. Also, Tom Hanks as Langdon? my god. Langdon is supposed to be hot haahah like a maxwell shefeild but hotter ha ha ha. And how much older is Tom Hanks then Audrey? Ian McKellen is playing Sir Leigh Teabing WHICH RULES-
i love Ian :)

Ross tried to make me drive through a foggy field tonight, i refused, so i did and unintentional burnout instead HA HA HA.

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Got the NIN-the downward spiral this arvo. Yes Pat i finally have it :)

Got 33/40 for extension english, not great but i think it second in the class.

While at the dentist i kept thinking to myself 'i wonder if Trent Reznor has to go to the dentist', and get his mouth prodded at?'
The horrible woman kept asking if i knew Jenna, she asked me the exact thing last time. this is the basic conversation,
woman-you're in year 12 aren't you, are you into drama or something?
woman-thats it
me-yeah majors are due next week
woman-you go to kempsey high don't you?
woman-do you know jenna lock
me-yes she is in my year
woman-oh yes i couldnt remember if she was in 11 or 12
me-(shamefully fake laugh)

Conversations at the dentist are more painful than the actual procedure.
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Geoff basically forced me to take the day off school today so we could spend some time together before he had to go back to newy. So we cruised around town for a while- we shopped, had lunch, i found a 5 buck Mogwai cd.
We also, ran into his dad which sucked. He gave geoff 250 dollars for no reason at all, thinking a little money now can make up for all those years he neglected Geoff and Andrew. Nan mumbled something under her breath about being scum ha ha ha. I told her not to worry, physically, Mark may be Geoff and Andrews father, but emotionally my dad is.
Its weird. Mum was the only real connection Dad and Andrew and Geoff had. I mean they are actually no relation to dad at all, yet when Geoff is home he spends more than 1/2 his time with dad.

I was also thinking that Bonnie doesnt even know Andrew and Geoff are our 1/2 brothers. Its so weird to think Bonnie thinks our dad is their dad. He is, in every sense of the word he took care of them, and still takes care of them when they need it most. But when you really think about it, its such an odd thing.

So many people don't even know this. Geoff and i are so alike its scary, we just turned out exactly the same. And Andrew ahahah i have no idea what Andrew is like.
I figured out the other day last time i saw Andrew was last christmas. That 8 months. I havent seen my brother in 8 fucking months.
Last time he saw me i had long hair brown and no piercings hahaha.
Last time i saw him he was with Daniel and border line anorexic.
I want to scream at him. I don't even know how to love him anymore, because i dont know who he is.
He is breaking my mothers heart and i want to yell at him. But i wont.

My uncle Trevor was supposed to come home from Papua New Guinea 2 days ago but missed his plane. He shouldve gotten back tonight so i will hopefully see him tomorrow.

Went to watch the girls drama performance this arvo-pissed myself laughing at Jayde being, as luke so aptly called her, the human foghorn ahahha. Cat with a beak hahah.

This was a very emotionally up and down post. Meh.
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One of the most terrifying experiences of my life...

Number 1 experience happened about 2 years ago at my mums birthday party where she was so drunk she stole jaydes shoes and chipped her tooth on a sambucca bottle.

This one, my fucking gosh.
Mum, geoff and my aunt Sonia sitting in my lounge room, with the guy from up the road all drunk...
swearing their heads off talking about soft cocks...

On the plus side of things, Geoff was saying how Latts talks about me all the time, and he thinks we 'connected' he he he he also thought i was hot HE HE HE

Geoff says, he bets if i move to newy something will happen :D

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Cried today----mental breakdown began...

I recieved 16/20 for my ancient essay which i worked my ass off for, while Tammy who did hers at 12 o'clock the night before beat me! Fuck that pisses me off,

It just reminds me that my best won't even beat her fucked attempt.
It really fucking shits me...
so i sat in history trying so hard not to cry...i am just so pissed off at myself, i was sitting there with only Murph and Gary in the class room, sniffing and wiping tears off my face, so i left...i just got up and walked out Murph didnt say anything...i was in the girls toilets when Ingrid walked in, she cheered me up by telling me for her birthday next week she is having a party at the macleay for the trivia night!

Walked back in the class, Murph looked up and said, "you alright", i nodded angrily and sat down and turned up the cops as loud as my MP3 could go.

Had the spend the entire day alone at school as the girls had drama practice all day, was forced to hangout with Ross and Gary ahahahaha
And Gary kept nagging to borrow my motion city cd, in the end i gave up walked to my car and got it for him...Went to Nans for lunch, she is really sick..i means its just a cold but its getting worse.

As i was leaving for home i saw Cat and Zoe, at the sight of them i broke down ahahah sobbing in Cats arms. ( I am such a wuss)
They were going to the second hand/fancy dress shop so i jumped in the car...Needless to say i didnt realise i was going to be sitting next to Mr Austin who needed a lift down town HAHAHAHAHHAHAH

Those girls always manage to cheer me up, went and got Chai afterwards of course...they came back to my house where we chats with my family and vegie burgers...watched little Britian...Geoff wanted Chai so i went back to Maccas with him and got MORE chai tea hahhaha

The girl asked if i wanted what i had before...(I AM A CHAI ADDICT)

Got 1 page to write on my ext 2 assessment which will be easy so i am giving myself 1/2 the night off :)
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Nine Inch Nails

SAT 13.08.05, 5pm
On the eve of their Australian tour, Costa Zouliou takes you through the career of Nine Inch Nails. NIN have been around since the 90s, releasing classic albums such as 'The Downward Spiral' and hitting nuber 2 on the 1994 triple j Hottest 100 with 'Closer'. You'll hear all their best music, past triple j interviews with Trent Reznor and much more.

can't wait:)

Also, my hair is blue...
The blue came out a bit light, its kinda an Aqua blue...It still looks funky but they are getting new fudge in next week and they are doing it again :)

They said i can be their colour guinea pig...

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SARAH, CAT GUESS WHAT----------------------------

Geoff and Leece BROKE UP!

I am so happy i can't contain my happiness...
apparently, she went to the shops for a drive and geoff walked out and asked him roommates where she went without telling him. They said she went to the shops or something, geoff said "what the fuck did she do that for" just as she walked in the door. She SLAPPED HIM...
She slapped my brother.
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR nobody slaps my brother but me, bonnie and mum.

That makes me mad, i am so glad he broke it off.

Any ways, that tops off a perfect day at the beach with cat.
Eating ridiculous amounts of hot chips,
writing words in the sand like - "vive communism, and gay pride"
Then we made a HUGE PEACE SIGN in the sand.
Convos with a woman who shouted "god bless" at us.

Played Bright eyes annoyingly loud in the car park at cresent head.

i love it...
OH and there was Chai of course.

Got many assessments to do this week...must limit my net usage.
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I went fucking emo crazy with pics today haha

Collapse )


Well, you say that I treat you like a book on a shelf
I don't take you out that often
'Cause I know that I completed you
And that's why you are here
That's the reason you stay here
How awful that must feel
You said you'd be my dream
I could have you every night
And if by morning I'd forgotten you
Well, no big deal, that'd be all right
'Cause you're the re-occuring kind
You are the re-occuring kind
You never really leave my mind
Are you the love of my lifetime
'Cause there's been times I've had my doubts
We were just kids when I first kissed you
In the attic of my parents' house
And I wish we were there now
I took so long to figure out
What this book has been about
Now I write when I'm away
Letters that you'll never read
You said 'Go explore those other women
The geography of their bodies
But there's just one map you'll need
You're a boomerang you'll see
You will return to me
Yeah you will you will you will'
Well, if you don't think this book's all lies
If you don't think my plans would all be ruined
I'll start drinking like the way I drank before
And I just won't have a future anymore

Cat, is it possible to overdose in Chai?
I got my Nan addicted today hahaha
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